General Questions:

  • How does Two Degrees work?
    • The Two Degrees platform allows students to connect virtually with STEM professionals or Bridge Coaches to learn about STEM careers directly from the source. In addition, Two Degrees students participate in a workforce skills curriculum where they learn important communication, professionalism, and networking skills that support college and career readiness.
  • Can student or Bridge Coach profile information be accessed publically?
    • No, only vetted members of Two Degrees will have the ability to access profiles. Bridge Coaches will only see the profiles of student members who initiate contact with them, and student members will only be able to see the profiles of Bridge Coaches, not of other students.
  • How can I bring Two Degrees to my school or youth organization?
    • Flexible subscription plans are built to accommodate the needs of different schools and organizations. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how you can use Two Degrees to best meet your students’ needs. Please send a request via Contact Us to begin a conversation.
  • How is Two Degrees connected to Youth Learning Center?
    • Youth Learning Center focuses on providing STEAM enrichment opportunities for students. Two Degrees is a new YLC STEM program aimed at connecting teens to STEM workforce development opportunities.

Bridge Coach Questions:

  • I want to be a mentor but I don’t have time. Why should I become a Bridge Coach?
    • Bridge Coaches are not traditional mentors, so there is a very minimal time commitment required. The role of Bridge Coaches is to help students in the early phases of networking and STEM career exploration by sharing their own stories with students, only after interested students have initiated contact using the Two Degrees message center. At a minimum, we ask that Bridge Coaches commit to answering targeted questions that students may send via the message center. While a connection that blossoms into a mentorship relationship would be celebrated, it is not mandated or even a goal of Two Degrees. Involvement beyond the online interface is at the discretion of the Bridge Coach.
  • How do I apply to be a Bridge Coach?
  • What is the time commitment required of Bridge Coaches?
    • A Bridge Coach’s time commitment in Two Degrees is completely dictated by the Bridge Coach and may only require a few minutes per week, if that. Bridge Coaches will participate in the program and interact with students to the extent that their time and interests permit.
  • Are there other ways to get involved beyond becoming a Bridge Coach?
    • Yes! Here are a few ways to get involved:
      • If you’re interested in presenting to a group of students about your career or hosting a field trip to your work location, sign up to host a STEM Exploration session.
      • If you are affiliated with an organization that provides STEM learning or work opportunities for teens, tell us about them! Post your opportunities on our Two Degrees site for our students to view.
      • If you have a network of STEM professionals who you think would make great Bridge Coaches, help connect us to your network by sharing about the Bridge Coach Volunteer Opportunity!