Our Solution

Founded in 2003 as Youth Technology and Education Center (YTEC) by Minister Willie L. Kent, Sr. and Ray and Judy DeLuca Ford, YTEC was predicated on the belief that every child can be successful if given the right opportunities and a supportive environment. Inspired by the mission to help youth from underserved communities reach their fullest potential, YTEC grew into Youth Learning Center (YLC) in 2010, a name change that emphasizes the organization’s focus on the full-spectrum of education.

YLC provides unique enrichment and academic experiences to youth to inspire lifelong learning, social responsibility and moral leadership. Two Degrees puts teens on the right path to developing the workforce skills needed for the jobs and entrepreneurial start-ups that do not yet exist. The program represents our commitment to providing equity of access and opportunity no matter who teens are and where they come from.

Our location provides exciting opportunities to extend our student members STEM exposure. Located in the central corridor, YLC is just minutes away from the emerging Cortex Innovation Community some of St. Louis’ top universities, and a myriad of other STEM focused businesses and organizations are thriving and growing.